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Why Choose Wheaton

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History of WIS

Our education and learning are chiefly befitting to the ingenious, shared, multidisciplinary, and inquisitive ways that pupils learn best: our students are equipped for a world that requires their universal awareness, interest, empathy, and eagerness to exploit their gifts in service to others. Students here put together their self-confidence, their skills, and their sense of identity.

WIS is strongly devoted to uphold high-quality learning. Therefore, skilled, experienced and trained faculties are hired to provide a more diverse, motivating and elevating learning experience for learners. High standards are maintained through intensive and comprehensive training programs. To employ recent teaching techniques, rigorous supervision is offered to the teachers. Our teachers are generally graduate or post-graduate degree holders in their relevant subjects from renowned universities from home and abroad. Our teachers regularly participate in professional training, in-house workshops and teaching skill course offered by the CAIE and the Islamic Curriculum.


Why Choose Wheaton?

At Wheaton International School we offer:

Superb Quality British education

Unique Islamic Schooling

Opportunity to become Hafez & Hafeza and lots more


British Education

Wheaton International School focuses on the holistic, the social, emotional, mental, physical, and cognitive development of each student. It prepares the child for life, not just for the assessment. At Wheaton International School, we prepare students all-round through a globally recognized curriculum of Cambridge primary checkpoint and Cambridge lower secondary checkpoint designed to ensure solid foundation to Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O level.

Islamic Schooling

At Wheaton International School, Islamic Education provides the Muslim children with sufficient knowledge in order to make them know and realize the purpose of their creation, responsibility, and the way they should manage worldly affairs. Islamic education curriculum includes:

Aqeedah and Akhlaq


The history of Islamic culture

The Qur’an and Hadith

Arabic Language




Wheaton International School provides a unique opportunity to the students to become a Hafez/Hafeza of the glorious Quran. A vastly experienced team of teachers meticulously supervise each individual student to monitor their progress while maintaining a teacher student ratio of 1:3 for Hifzul Quran classes. WIS is the first in Bangladesh to offer this one of a kind curriculum that offers integrated Islamic teaching, inlcuding Hifzul Quran, alongside the Cambridge curriculum, Alhamdulillah!