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Our integrated and tailor-made academic programme unifies and demonstrates our belief that a school education should be a holistic experience. The Wheatonian curriculum offers a broad and dynamic range of subject areas, laying down the foundational knowledge that ensures students are both grounded in essential skills and equipped for a rapidly evolving world.


This approach emphasizes skill in written and verbal communication, promotes critical and creative thinking, and promotes technical expertise. A lasting commitment to ethical leadership and global perspectives ensures students develop as compassionate, inclusive thinkers, ready for any challenges and opportunities the future will bring guided by their faith and moral compasses.

British Curriculum

When you choose a British education, you join millions of international students around the world in opting for a flexible, respected learning pathway based on the English National Curriculum, and leading to globally recognised qualifications that open doors to the world’s top universities and career prospects.

The British system is the most popular curriculum in the world, offered at 30% of international schools globally. It is also the most popular curriculum offered in Asia, the location of 58% of the world’s international schools.

Islamic Education

In a pioneering move, Wheaton International School is the first schooling system in Bangladesh to offer an integrated curriculum that combines Islamic education with an international schooling to provide a balanced education delivered by expert faculty.

Our teachers of the Islamic Curriculum are experts in Islamic education. Qualified & experienced Huffaz Teachers come from a diverse background of recognized local and foreign Islamic institutions, with the vision to offer an education that unifies the spiritual with the worldly life.

Students are able to:

  • Communicate in Arabic and understand the meaning of the Qur’an.
  • Apply for higher education anywhere in the world, in the field of Islamic sciences.
  • Lead Salah, deliver Khutba, apply the rules of Tajweed, memorise the Qur’an, gain knowledge in Aqeedah, Seerah, Fiqh, Sharia and Tarbiyyah.
  • Understand the practices of Islam, follow the Fardhs of the Qur’an, the Sunnahs of the last Prophet and apply the essentials of Du’a and Azkar.

We ensure our students are all equipped in these competencies by ensuring lessons and feedback based assessments in the relevant subject areas.

  1. Islamic studies
  2. Arabic language
  3. Al-Quran

Hifzul Qur'an

Tahfiz Structure

Tahfizul Qur’an classes are focused on Qur’an Memorisation, with correct tajweed. It is one of the most beneficial and rewarding aspects of study, and allows each student to memorise according to their ability and provides guided individualised targets.


The Prophet (saw) said:

“The one who recites the Quran and acts upon it, on the Day of Qiyamah his parents will be made to wear a crown whose light is better than the light of the sun had it been in the dwellings of the world, so what do you think (of the reward) of the person himself.”

[Abu Dawud]


  1. Qaidah
  2. Correct reading of the Arabic letters (Makhraj)
  3. Fluency in reading and application of Tajweed
  4. Daily Duas & Fiqh

Hifz A

  1.  Memorize 5 juz
  2. Application of Tajweed
  3. Beautification of recitation (Balagah)

Hifz B

  1. Complete memorization of the Quran
  2. Excellence in Quality and beauty of recitation

Hifz of Quran

  1. Completion of the memorization of the Quran
  2. Recognition and Certification

Cambridge (UK)

Administered through University of Cambridge, UK and The British Council, Bangladesh. Cambridge offers internationally recognized qualifications – Ordinary Level (OL) and Advanced Level (AL), more popularly known as the O’ Levels and A’ Levels.

Sensitive to the global needs of learners whose first language may not be English, Cambridge enables teaching to be conducted in a localized context and emphasizes broad and balanced study across a range of subjects.

The curriculum develops learner’s skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving and is structured so they build practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

English Language Bengali Language
English Literature Mathematics
Physics Biology
Chemistry Bangladesh Studies
Economics Business Studies
Accounting ICT
Additional Mathematics Islamic Studies
Islamiyat Arabic Language

Pearson (UK)

Administered through Pearson UK and The British Council, Bangladesh, Pearson is a leading learning provider catering to international schools across the globe through world class assessments, digital content and learning experiences to enable learners increase their skills and global employability prospects.

As the UK’s largest awarding organisation, Pearson provides qualifications and resources most closely aligned to the British educational system through an integrated iPrimary and iLower Secondary curriculum, here at WIS.